The path toward wellness starts by looking inward. When we allow the mind to be still we can explore the depths of who we are and reveal the secrets that will guide us toward being truly well in mind, body and spirit.
Vibrant Acupuncture is a mobile wellness company that provides in-home or on-site treatment sessions. Specializing in Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Esoteric Acupuncture, Aesthetic Acupuncture, Sound Healing, Yoga and Therapeutic Movement, these offerings invite you to pause from the business of life and enjoy a rejuvenating inward journey. Through a holistic approach to wellness and diverse skill set, I have developed a customized blend of traditional and modern methods that will leave you feeling renewed, aligned, inspired and vibrant.
Connect to your wisdom within and ignite your inner vibrance.
- Services -
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
A fundamental pillar of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture Therapy uses precisely placed needles along meridian pathways to produce therapeutic physiological responses in the body that can alleviate pain, promote healing, balance hormones, boost the immune system, regulate the nervous system, improve fertility, and provide overall emotional wellness. Acupuncture can be effective on its own or as a complementary treatment to conventional medicine.
Esoteric Acupuncture
An approach to acupuncture that blends ancient wisdom with modern understandings of wellness, esoteric acupuncture invites to expand our consciousness and reveal our unique inner calling.
Aesthetic Acupuncture
A holistic approach to facial rejuvenation that works to harmonize the internal systems that enhance our outward vibrance. Combining therapeutic acupuncture with a series of very fine needles in the face, aesthetic acupuncture can reduce signs of aging and stress in the face and leave you feeling renewed mind, body and soul.
Therapeutic Yoga
A unique physiotherapy based approach to traditional yoga developed for injury prevention and recovery focusing on functional alignment, mindful motor planning, and controlled breathing.
Oncology Rehab
A highly specialized multifaceted wellness program designed to facilitate cancer treatment and post cancer recovery. Acupuncture, mindfulness, and restorative yoga to offset the side effects of radiation and chemotherapy followed by post-surgical scar and myofascial massage; manual lymphatic massage, compression therapy and exercise. Additionally, movement and yoga therapy to regain strength, flexibility, and fitness combined with acupuncture for complete holistic restoration.
Lisa Chau
Director . Practitioner
Hello, I am Lisa Chau and it would be an honour to support and guide you through this period of transformation and expansion in your life. My professional journey started with an in-depth study of the human physical body in my years working as a registered physiotherapist (MScPT from the University of Toronto). From the beginning of my career, I was called to work with people moving through significant transformational periods in their lives and, as such, have specialized in oncology rehabilitation. In the pursuit of integrating a more holistic approach to my wellness offerings, I completed a diploma in Traditional Chinese Medicine Acupuncture (The Institute of Traditional Medicine) and later refined my skills with a specific focus in Esoteric acupuncture (with Dr. Mikio Sankey).
Woven throughout these years as a consistent pillar of my own self-care has been a dedication to the practice and study of yoga. I completed a yoga teacher training in Hatha Vinyasa Yoga (The Sanctuary of Two Rivers) and advanced my studies with coursework in Yoga Nidra. Impassioned by a calling to support all layers of one’s transformational process, I am currently enrolled in an ongoing training program in Transpersonal Psychology (The Pneuma Institute). Along my journey, the lens through which I understand and experience wellness has expanded from the physical to the psychological and to the spiritual. When there is peaceful harmony between all three of these aspects, our lives thrive with the fullest expression of wellness.
I offer a blend tools that weave together ancient wisdom with modern approaches to healing. In each session, I facilitate my clients to move their bodies mindfully, calm their minds peacefully, explore their spirit compassionately and find beauty inside and out.
- Sessions -
Traditional Chinese Acupuncture
60 MIN • $125
Esoteric Acupuncture
60 MIN • $140
Aesthetic Acupuncture
Therapeutic Yoga
Oncology Rehab
Corporate & group packages AVAILABLE
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Online 1-on-1
Transformational Guidance Program
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